Client Testimonials

I've been going to Molly now for a year, she is absolutely amazing. I've had many massage's. But when you find the right one.... you just know. Molly is very professional always asks if there is a certain area that needs more attention. She will instantly relax you.

- Kathy A.

Molly knows her stuff. She finds knots I never knew I had. When she starts working on a knot, I tense up. But, she knows how to relax me so she can work on the knot the way she needs to. She doesn't say anything, she just knows, she just does it. I've had a lot of massages but Molly surpasses all of them with her personal attention and know how.

- Tara T.

My first experience with massage was with Molly, and the experience has exceeded all my expectations! I couldn’t believe how good I felt during and after my sessions. She is thorough and professional. I recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

-Bruce B.

Molly worked on me and it was one of the best massages I have ever had. I like medium to hard pressure and she delivered using her forearms and elbows and really working out the knots in my back with her fingers. She was really thorough and I had knots in places I didn't even know about. I especially liked the work on my neck, head and face, which not every one does. The work on my hip and upper glute area was also amazing. I've been to the super fancy places in big name Boston hotels and she put those people to shame.

- Joanna T.

Molly is just what the doctor ordered. I had extensive shoulder and rotator cuff injuries and am still in recovery. I don't know whether it was Molly's therapeutic skills or warm and comforting personality that made me feel so much better and relaxed. She is as sweet as she is competent and if I didn't live 35+ miles from Serenity, I'd be there so much more frequently. Thanks, Molly.

- Marilyn C.

Today was my first massage given by Molly. It was better that I ever expected. TY Molly for ending my day perfectly. I will be back soon.

- Kathy B.

As a personal trainer, I've had my share of muscle tightness from my own training and demoing. I've always gone to Molly to relieve my pain. She is phenomenal at what she does and I'm left feeling so much better afterward.

- Isabella L.

My massage with Molly was awesome!! She took my special requests to heart and personalized my session perfectly. It was exactly what I needed. I felt deeply relaxed, supported, and comfortable during our session together and would recommend her to anyone no matter their needs. Molly met all mine and I'm positive she will meet yours as well

- Hannah I.