Custom Relaxation Massage

60 minutes - $90
75 minutes - $105
90 minutes - $120

From blah to awe. From ow to wow. From "meh" to "OH MAMA that felt good!". Transform your day with a relaxation massage. I use a fusion of techniques to soothe your body and mind. You'll emerge a whole new you ready to tackle whatever comes next (and ready to book your next session!)

I call these sessions "custom" because whether you have a specific problem, need time to completely zone out, or love to chat while relaxing you'll find what you're looking for on my table. Relaxation does not have to be light, “fluffy” or boring!

Each custom relaxation session takes place in a wonderfully scented room thanks to diffused aromatherapy. I use pure jojoba which is great for your skin and won’t leave you feeling greasy. I also use Arnica Relief Massage Lotion and Peppermint Pedango Foot Cream from Pure Pro.


Prenatal Massage

60 minutes - $90
75 minutes - $105
90 minutes - $120

Take all the goodness of that relaxing massage and turn it on it's side - literally! My Prenatal treatments safely accommodate your changing body by using a side-lying technique. I use a cushion system that is specifically made for this position. The pressure can still be as firm or light as you'd like. This may be the most comfortable you'll feel in the whole nine months!

Check out my blog post for answers to common pregnancy massage questions!

Prenatal massage is safe at any stage of a pregnancy without complications. The benefits are numerous, including relief of common pregnancy "side effects" like sciatica and low back pain, and lower body swelling. Massage is natural, drug free pain relief - perfect for you AND baby!


Upgraded Massages

Sticks and Stones - Warm Bamboo and Synergy Stone Massage (+$15)

The relaxing warmth of these heated bamboo sticks and Synergy Stone will transport you to your favorite white sand beach. Stress and muscle tension all melt away when you receive a full body massage using these effective tools. The shape of the bamboo sticks and Synergy Stone allow for completely different techniques than just hands and elbows can achieve.

Heads Up - Facial ice roller, face and hair oil treatment added to a full body massage (+$10)

Finish up your full body massage with extra focus on your face and scalp. The facial ice roller is great to reduce inflammation and pain and is surprisingly relaxing! Pure jojoba will be applied during the face and scalp massage to naturally moisturize and condition the skin and hair. Perfect for anyone suffering from headaches, seasonal allergies, sinus pressure, dry skin and hair.

Good To Go - Aromatherapy Massage with a roll-on to take home (+$10)

Choose from one of three specially formulated essential oil blends to be used during your massage. Then, take a roll on of the blend to take home for a daily dose of relaxation. These blends were custom made for me by aromatherapist Sophia Alexander at Dovetail in Andover, MA.

“Back To You” - A rejuvenating blend of sandalwood, grapefruit, frankincense and lemon to help bring back calm and focus to a stressful day.

“All Is Well” - A comforting blend of cedarwood, bergamot, sweet orange, jasmine, and lavender to support the challenges of chronic pain and anxiety.

“Exhale” - A calming blend of sandalwood, jasmine, orange and Roman chamomile to create a moment of mindfulness.

Express Destress

30 mins - $50

This treatment focuses on the head, neck and shoulders. You’ll remain clothed and no oil is used so it’s perfect for a lunchtime break! The first portion is done seated in a comfortable chair with focus on the shoulders and scalp. Then, you’ll lie down on a massage table for some neck stretches, more scalp massage, and facial massage. Perfect for anyone experiencing headaches, neck and shoulder tension, and anyone who loves scalp massage!