The Value Of Massage: 3 Reasons Why It's Worth The Money

There are a billion and a half (approximate) articles and blog posts out there about why you should get a massage because there are a billion and a half (approximate) reasons why you should! There’s science to back it up. There’s anecdotes. There’s infographics. And yes, this blog will eventually feature some of those reasons. But I can talk (and write) until I’m blue in the face (and fingers?) and there will still be a significant amount of the population who never or rarely get a massage because of one thing: money.

You were thinking it, weren’t you? When you saw me or some other massage therapist post yet another beautiful shot of someone lying blissfully on a massage table, completely relaxed and without a care in the world. You were thinking “that looks SO good and I SO want book my next session but I SO can’t afford it.”

Hey, you? I SO get it.

Let it be known: I’m a cheapskate. However you want to put it - frugal, thrifty, terribly anxious about money. Heck, I had a blog for a number of years called Wicked Cheap in Boston (now under new management) that was all about how to save money! I don’t part with my dollah bills easily. So it may come as no surprise that I was in your shoes many times.

About a year ago I was working a lot and also working out a lot. I was asking so much of my body but not giving it anything in return. I hurt. At 29 I felt creaky and stiff, becoming one with my couch after every shift because my body just wasn’t into the whole “being upright” thing any more. I was on the fast track to burn out, mentally and physically. One day it hit me...I hadn’t had a massage in months.


I realized something had to change for the sake of my health, my body, and my career. I took a look at my budget, which as a money-anxious person I can get obsessive over. I checked my recurring payments to see if anything could be lowered (hot tip: be super nice to your cable and cell phone provider), I thought about other ways I could save and things I didn’t really need to spend money on. Then the crucial step: I put a line item in my budget for two massages a month. There it was. A self-care allowance.

Why should you do the same? Because massage has immense value that surpasses the amount of money you’ll be handing over. Here’s three reasons why it’s worth every penny:

  1. You only have one body. You know all about how eating well and exercising and sleeping enough will keep it running properly. Now, add massage into the equation. Regular massage can help prevent injury, decrease the effects of stress on your health, and increase your range of motion which will keep you in the gym working hard. Maybe your aching, stiff shoulders and neck from hours sitting at a computer has kept you from doing activities you love. Think of the monetary effect of injury, illness, and immobility. Doctors visits, medication, days out of work. An ounce of prevention...

  2. We live in the Age of Busy. You’re busy, your kids are busy, there’s barely a moment to slow down. What would you give to have an hour of quiet with no interruptions, notifications, or responsibilities? Now imagine paying a nominal fee to have that guaranteed on your calendar.

  3. Massage feels luxurious in the same way that a full 8 hours of sleep, a delicious cup of coffee, or a good meal would. So why do we feel guilty about one and covet the others? Let’s flip the script on this. You NEED a massage, rather than WANT one. Massage is a NECESSITY for maintaining optimal health, rather than a LUXURY afforded only to the rich. You are RESPECTING yourself rather than being SELFISH for that hour away.

Since creating the massage line in my budget, I have invested in my health and wellness twice a month on the table. My entire body has thanked me. Now any soreness is from going hard at the gym, I feel strong and flexible, and I have those sessions in my calendar to look forward to every few weeks. To me, that’s worth it.


Molly Kerrigan