The Number One Reason To Get A Massage

This month, I’m taking a break from the deep dives and instead stepping up my soapbox. What’s the point of having a blog if you don’t do that every once in a while, right?


There’s plenty of reasons to get a massage. Heck, I’ve dedicated this blog all year to reasons why and how it works. But I’ve been thinkin’ and I’ve decided to declare with all the authority that 6 years in this business has granted me that there is one primary reason to get a massage. One reason that should cause you to get on the table month after month. One reason that should be the focus of every massage marketing strategy out there. One reason that I think a lot of massage therapists maybe forget about. Are you ready for this?

Massage feels good.


I’ll give you a minute to clean up the mess from your mind explosion.

Recently I remembered a conversation I had with an acquaintance when I was in massage school. As someone who had never received one before he asked, “why do people get massage?” I’m pretty sure I stood there with my mouth hanging open for 30 seconds before any words came out. Surely, there was something eloquent and enlightening I could share about this field I was diving into. Something about physiology and the mind body connection and how it was an ancient tradition and how it was beneficial for everyone’s health. Instead I said,

“Because it feels good!”

He chuckled, I felt slightly dumb, and the conversation continued to other things. But thinking back on it now, I was closer to the truth then than maybe I have been in the last few years. We have a tendency as massage therapists to feel the need to justify ourselves and our work. We want to be seen as legitimate, as part of the healthcare world, as people who are knowledgeable specialists. That’s all great! I don’t want to take away from any of that! But I think as we stray further from the basic fact of how massage is meant to FEEL to the person on the table we get a little confused and confusing.

It’s confusing because our focus has changed the expectations of you, the clients. When you come to my table expecting to be fixed because that is what has been promised by others in this field, you may feel it as a disservice when you walk away "just" relaxed. You may ignore the fact that for that one hour, nothing else mattered. Maybe you were able to forget about your to-do list. Maybe your stress about work was left outside the door. Maybe you even fell asleep for a few minutes. The point is, for that time on the table your mind and body felt SO GOOD.


Doing things just because they feel good or make us happy doesn’t seem to have a place in our society. Doing something for the pure pleasure in it is seen as hedonistic at worst and selfish at best. We’re a people built on hustle. We feel like whatever we do needs to have a purpose and that we need to stay productive. When I say “we” here I am 100% including myself. Can you relate?

So back to that number one reason for massage. You don’t need any greater objective than you want to feel good. I promise! Sure, you probably have tension and aches and pains and it’s great that those can be eased at the same time. But next time you book a massage (and let it be soon!), book it because it’s something just for you. Book it because you know how good it’s gonna feel and gosh darn it you want that. You don’t need to feel selfish. You don’t need to justify it. You just need to feel good.

Molly Kerrigan