Tips For Giving Massage Gift Certificates

A massage gift certificate is the perfect present for many people. Massage is a moment of peace in a chaotic world. If you’re thinking of sharing the gift of massage with someone else for a special occasion or “just because,” you are almost certainly doing so from a place of love and generosity.

Obviously, I’m a big fan of giving massage as a gift! But just as with choosing to visit a massage therapist yourself, there are some considerations when offering this kind of present. Here are some tips to make sure your gift is put to use!



Think about the best way to deliver your gift. Gift certificates are the easiest way to give a massage as a gift, as it allows the individual to schedule on their own. Scheduling on their behalf can sometimes work as well, although this can require additional strategic planning. Also keep in mind that a gift certificate can be made for any monetary amount, so if a full massage isn’t in your gifting budget you can give them a gift certificate that they can use towards one.

Look for genuine excitement. When you mention massage are they enthusiastic about the idea? “Heck yes, that sounds amazing!” is what you’re looking for, not a shy “I had one once…it was ok…” If you can get a more excited response by offering new socks, go with the socks. But many people are thrilled by the idea of getting a professional massage as a gift.

Talk with your massage therapist. Are they accepting new clients right now? Do they sell gift certificates? Do they offer the kind of massage this person needs or wants? For example, I offer massage that is deeply relaxing but not deep tissue. If you’re looking to give a massage as a gift to someone who prefers a “no pain no gain” massage, this wouldn’t be the best fit.

Plan WELL in advance if you want to make the appointment for them. Massage openings fill quickly, especially around holidays! Don’t assume that spaces will be available on a particular day just because you’ve got a month to spare. Also remember many massage therapists have cancellation policies in place so if an appointment is missed, the client may still be charged.

Consider and remove obstacles. Unlike a nice sweater or a juicy novel, there can be a few barriers to someone enjoying even a gifted massage. 

  • Transportation and accessibility. You could offer to give them a ride to the spa if that’s an issue.

  • Childcare and other caregiving responsibilities. Maybe offer to watch the kiddos at home or at a park while they relax.

  • Gratuity. It’s up to you whether you’d like to include a tip on the gift certificate. It’s a nice gesture but not completely necessary.

  • Anxiety. Receiving a massage for the first time can be intimidating. Going together, talking about what to expect, or watching some of my videos can be helpful!



Massages are great! (For many people.) Surprises are too! (For some.) But if you’re cooking up a surprise outing for a loved one, consider something else. There are a few reasons for this:

  • They might not like massages at all. I know it’s shocking, but some people just don’t like massage. My own mother among them! Imagine being invited out for your birthday and finding out on arrival that your loved one has planned for the two of you to go get your teeth cleaned together. Not fun!

  • They might have a contraindication that you don’t know about. Taking your niece for a surprise afternoon of pampering might seem like a fun idea until she tells you she’s dealing with lice or a fresh tattoo.

  • They might want to prepare for a massage. Some people feel more comfortable getting a massage if they’ve showered immediately before. Others might decide to forgo a hair or makeup appointment if they knew they would be getting a massage that day. People should be given the opportunity to prepare however they see fit.

  • They might want to plan their day around the massage. Some people feel extra tired or a bit woozy after a massage. If they plan on delivering an important speech or competing in an important athletic event shortly afterwards, they might be concerned about how it would affect their performance.

  • They might have a preferred massage therapist. Not all massages are the same! If they already have a relationship with a massage therapist that works best for them, they might not want a massage from someone who has a completely different style.

The solution to this? Talk about it in advance. It’s better to take some of the mystery out of a surprise and know that it’s welcome than to end up with the Worst Gift Ever trophy.



You can’t pour from an empty cup. Rest matters. Peace matters. Sometimes, one of the best gifts you can offer others is to take a moment away from the chaotic world, so that you can be a better spouse, parent, colleague, neighbor, or friend. Sometimes self-care can feel like a strangely radical act, but it’s a vital one. When we have good examples of people who know to care for themselves before running themselves ragged, it’s a better environment for everyone.

Want to purchase a massage gift certificate for your loved one to come see me? YOU’RE THE BEST! You can purchase one through Serenity Massage online here or call the office at 978-258-2434.

Molly Kerrigan