Ditching Deep Tissue and New Upgraded Massage

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (which you should be!), you may have seen some hints over the past few weeks about upcoming additions to my services menu. And now they’re here! First, a little story about why I’m adding these things and making a slight change to my offerings.

A massage therapy career can take a lot of twists and turns, as with any other profession. You come out of school thinking you want to do one thing and years down the road find yourself in a completely different direction. I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist for six years as of this past July and during those six years I’ve changed my mind multiple times about what I wanted to specialize in. Sports massage, orthopedic, deep tissue, prenatal, fertility. When everything is on the (massage) table and there are so many options open it can take a while to hone in on what it is you REALLY love to do.

For me, what I look forward to doing every day, what really lights me up and gets me excited, is good old relaxation massage. The kind where my client feels like a whole new rejuvenated person when they get up off the table. They’re not sore and they don’t feel beat up. There’s plenty of massage therapists for that. I’m not one of them.

It took a while to get to that point because in a lot of professional circles that seems to be the prevailing thought. Many therapists (and a lot of the public) believe deeper is better and take a no pain no gain approach to massage. They think relaxation massage is boring, “fluffy” and ineffective. I’m here to tell ya, that’s simply not true.

So, I’m ditching “deep tissue”. First because it carries with it the “no pain no gain” mentality even if that isn’t technically what it means. When the majority of people say they want deep tissue, they want pain. Second because I need to take care of my instrument - my body! Forcing myself to do “deep tissue” doesn’t feel good to my own body and that means a shorter career. I plan on doing this thing for quite some time. Third because I can give really effective massage with an appropriate amount of firm pressure that fulfills my number one reason to get a massage - it feels good!

To any of my repeat clients who may be reading this, don’t you worry. What you’ve been getting is exactly the type of massage I love to give - that’s why we’ve been such a great fit for each other!

My custom relaxation massage has been called “unbelievably relaxing,” “amazingly therapeutic,” and even “magical,” by past clients. I love that, obviously, and I want to offer MORE! That’s where my new Upgraded Massages come in. The same awesome massage, with bonuses. You can find the full description and pricing here but let me give you some snippets.

Sticks And Stones - Warm Bamboo and Synergy Stone

I had heard of bamboo massage for a couple years but hadn’t tried it until this summer and I instantly fell in love. I nearly drooled, people. It is SO relaxing and comforting. The shape of the bamboo sticks and the Synergy Stone let me do different types of movements and techniques that I wouldn’t be able to do with just my hands and arms. This is going to become a favorite, just putting it out there.

Heads Up - Facial ice roller, face oil and hair oil treatment

Another massage therapist recently suggested a facial ice roller to me and as soon as I used it, I let out a big contented sigh. These have been used for years for their skin and lymphatic improvement. But I love using the roller during a face massage because it adds a really unique sensation and helps ease any jaw pain, sinus pressure, or headache. I decided to add jojoba (the oil I use for the rest of the body) to my face and scalp massage for the added benefit of natural moisturization.

Good to Go - Aromatherapy with a roll-on to take home

I am SO excited about this one! I’ve teamed up with aromatherapist Sophia Alexander at Dovetail in Andover to create three custom essential oil blends JUST for my clients! We’ve come up with three amazing scents that I’m kind of obsessed with. Sophia hit it out of the park with these. The blends will be safely diluted in my massage oil and used throughout the entire session. Then you get a roll-on of the blend to take home and use every day. The sense of smell is very closely related to memory in our brain so every time you take a sniff you’ll be transported back to the massage table. Relaxation all month long!


The Ultimate

Queen for the day! Combine all three into one aaaahmazing massage!

Express Destress

I’ve been offering this for a couple months and it’s been a hit. This focuses on the head, neck and shoulders and is done seated while fully clothed. It’s a quick break from the stress of the day.

Molly Kerrigan