4 Massage Fears, And Why You Shouldn't Be Spooked

Massage Therapy is well loved by many but there are some people out there who just aren’t sure about it. Since we’re officially in the spookiest month, I wanted to talk about some of the fears people have about massage. Hopefully this will answer the questions you may not have wanted to come out and ask and you’ll book your next treatment!

I’m Scared About Getting Naked!

Here’s the thing, massage works better and feels better if you’re naked or nearly there. Most people will undress completely or keep just their underwear on. But you should NEVER feel exposed - because you never will be! Massage Therapists are professionals and trained to keep everything appropriately covered. This is called “draping” and it’s actually the law in many states (including Massachusetts). Even if you want to be naked as the day you were born on the table, I’m still going to cover you with a sheet. I’ll move the sheet to work on an area, then move it back to keep you warm, comfortable, and modest.

If you DO decide to keep any or all articles of clothing on, that’s ok too! I’ve worked on clients who were fully clothed and they enjoyed and benefited from their session. Basically, I don’t care what you wear as long as you’ve made it to the table!

UPDATE! Since this post was originally published, I’ve created a video about just this topic!

I’m Worried About My Hygiene!

Say it with me: any length of leg hair is an appropriate amount of leg hair. Ladies (because it’s always ladies who care about this!), I don’t care if you haven’t shaved in six hours, six days, or six years. I really, really, honestly don’t. I promise!

If you’re coming straight from a workout, showering before your massage is preferred. The exception here is post-event sports massage or chair massage. In that case, don’t worry about how sweaty (or muddy) you are! If you don’t plan on exercising before your session, just come as you are. Your normal every day hygiene is enough.

I’m Anxious About My Body!

If I had a buck for every time a client apologized for their stomach gurgling or for falling asleep or for any other completely normal and uncontrollable body-happening, I could jet off for my own massage on a Caribbean island right now. Your body makes noises! It’s ok! Mine does too! And falling asleep is actually a compliment in the massage world.

If self-consciousness about the way you look or how you feel is holding you back from getting a massage, first I would say - I get it. I’ve been there and know how strong those beliefs can be held. But know that as a Massage Therapist, I’ve worked on all shapes, sizes, genders, and abilities. There’s no judgement on the table!

I’m Concerned I Won’t Be Comfortable!

This is YOUR massage. This is YOUR time. If something isn’t comfortable, say something! I promise I won’t be offended. If an area is tender when it’s being worked on or you’d prefer more or less pressure, say something. If you’re too hot or too cold, say something. If you’re not feeling the music, say something (I have Spotify and am always open to listening to your choice of music. Because guess who hates “spa music” more than you? The Massage Therapist who has had to listen to it for hundreds of hours in her career.) If anything is holding you back from really enjoying the experience, say something.

This open attitude begins during the intake. Please be honest! Massage Therapists aren’t just being nosy when we ask about medical history. I want your treatment to be as safe and beneficial to you as possible.  

During the session feel free to ask questions or chat if that makes you more comfortable, or completely zone out. Feedback during and after the session is always appreciated!

What did I miss? Is there anything else that keeps you from making your first (or next) massage appointment? Let me know at massage@mollykerrigan.com.


Molly Kerrigan