3 Ways Massage Can Help Your Resolutions

Welcome to 2017 every body! It’s that time of the new calendar year when everyone is making goals, setting intentions, and creating resolutions to make the next twelve months their best yet. While I’m a big supporter of making new goals and resolutions as often as you want, I do like the fresh slate feel of January 1. This being a massage blog, of course, I wanted to focus on how massage can help with some of the most common resolutions out there and maybe convince you to add “get regular massage” to your 2017 list.

One: Break A Sweat

Whether you’re a consistent exerciser or stepping foot in a gym for the first time this month (good for you!!) massage can help with your workout goals. How? So many ways! (Check out that link for a whole list and references!) Here’s my favorite - You probably don’t know the term but are familiar with the feeling: DOMS. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. That dull achiness you feel the day after a new or hard workout. Some people kind of love that feeling (raises hand) but for many it can be discouraging and keep you away from the weights. Along with stretching and properly warming up, getting a massage after your workout can decrease the severity of DOMS.

Two: Catch More Zs

Good sleep is so important. Getting just a few hours does not grant you bragging rights! Let’s do away with that myth right now! So maybe a big goal for your year is to improve your sleep and get a full 8 hours but you’re having trouble. Other lifestyle factors (like small children) aside, massage may help you have a more restful night. A lot of the research so far has focused on individuals whose pain from various ailments has been keeping them up, but there is much anecdotal evidence that massage can also be a sleep aid for healthy people as well.

Three: Find Your Zen

By now you’ve probably heard of the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and just slowing down. Even taking a few seconds in the middle of a chaotic time to take a deep breath can reset your body and mind. Now imagine what a full hour of quiet, peaceful rest can do! If you’re always on the go and can’t quite figure out how to “turn off”, try a massage as “forced” down time. Turn your phone off (or better yet, leave it outside the room), loosen your focus, and enjoy.


Molly Kerrigan