Take all the goodness of that relaxing deep tissue massage and turn it on it's side - literally! My Prenatal treatments safely accommodate your changing body by using a side-lying technique. I use a cushion system that is specifically made for this position. The pressure can still be as firm or light as you'd like. This may be the most comfortable you'll feel in the whole nine months!

Prenatal massage is safe at any stage of a pregnancy without complications. The benefits are numerous, including relief of common pregnancy "side effects" like sciatica and low back pain, and lower body swelling. Massage is natural, drug free pain relief - perfect for you AND baby! Check out a full list of benefits here. 

Postnatal massage is a great way to help your body recover after labor. My postnatal treatments focus on relaxation and addressing the common aches especially in the neck and shoulders from holding and adoring your new bundle.