Relaxation/Deep Tissue/Pain Relief

Many therapists split up "relaxation" from "deep tissue" massage. I say, why not both? I use traditional Swedish relaxation techniques combined with Myofascial Release and Massage Cupping to safely get deep into the tissue and work out all those tense areas. This treatment can be modified to any pressure preference, body type, or injury.

The Best of Both Worlds

Here, you don't have to choose between a blissful spa experience or a clinical therapeutic treatment. Stress leads to pain and impedes healing. Massage addresses both the musculoskeletal system (your muscles, bones and connective tissues) and the nervous system to get at the root of the problem. 

Every Body Needs Massage

Are hours sitting at a computer putting strain on your shoulders and neck? Regular spin classes getting hindered by a painful hip? Can't be as active with your kids due to an achey and stiff low back? There are many causes of pain but we all know the effects - frustration, fatigue, and a decrease in your quality of life.

Due to injury, postural habits, or long sedentary periods at work or home, some of your muscles may be in a near constant "contraction" or tense mode. This can create those nagging  "knots" that you may feel. In this state your muscles don't move properly, creating a dysfunctional strain pattern. You may have noticed this in yourself or others - it can show up as shoulders rounding forward or a stiff gait. 

Through a series of massages your body can be retrained to be in a less tense, more neutral position. Pain decreases as range of motion increases and wellness returns! Sounds good, right?

Whether the problem is chronic or brand new, adding massage to your wellness plan can help get you to a pain-free life. 

The Journey To Pain Free (aka "How Long Will This Take?")

If I had a magic wand to cure what ails you (and me, and the next guy) I would gladly wave it over your problem areas and send you on your way! Alas, Hogwarts does not have a massage department and I'm sadly not a wizard.

Your pain did not develop in an hour so it's not going to disappear in one. Likewise, you wouldn't go to the gym once a month and expect any sort of results! Our bodies can be slower to change than we would like. After your initial session I will recommend a treatment plan of either once or twice weekly massages for a month, after which we will assess your progress and plan accordingly. Most people can spread out their sessions after this until they are in "maintenance mode" of once or twice a month. 

The good news is that massage feels great! You will enjoy each step of the way. 

Ready? Contact me or book your first appointment.