She Weathered The Storm

(Made by me with the WordSwag app)

(Made by me with the WordSwag app)


New England, we need to chat. I'm about to say something you won't like or won't believe. Get ready.

I don't hate snow.

I know. I KNOW. And before you make your guesses, I've never skied or snowboarded so that's not the appeal. Growing up in New Hampshire and seeing so many classmates come back from the mountains with broken limbs has kept me away from the slopes. I like remaining in one piece. 

This interminable white stuff, I just don't mind it. 

The thing is, in past winters, I thought I did. I followed the Grumpy Bostonian Script. I grumbled. I cursed the T. I played the part of downtrodden winter-hater. It never felt quite right.

Along with the, what, 8 feet of snow we've had so far (and more this weekend) something else has fallen over the region: cynicism, negativity, general humbugness. I get it. I won't pretend to be immune to it. I get bummed by ruined plans and melodramatically ask if I'll ever be warm again (pro tip: fleece bed sheets, thank me later). But I straight up refuse to let this weather get the best of me.

I have a lot of thoughts as deep as the snow banks about Choosing Happiness which will, eventually, probably, become a different blog post of it's own. Know this, though, New England. It is a choice. You're not often in charge of a situation or circumstance, but you're always in charge of how you react to it. This winter, I'm choosing to be ok with it. I'm choosing to thank the T drivers because lord knows they hate their jobs right now. I'm choosing to notice how pretty the fluffy flakes still look when they're falling. I'm choosing to enjoy the extra excuses for staying inside because I will always and forever be a homebody. I'm choosing to remember that it won't be long before the temperature rises and we're all complaining about humidity.

There's an article going around - A Blizzard of Perspective - which I think is so important to read. Who am I to complain about the winter? I have a warm home and access to food even when the grocery store shelves run low. Though it may be a struggle some days to get there, I have a secure job. I have a healthy body that is capable of shoveling, trudging, and climbing over snow banks. I can say the same for my family and loved ones. The weather may not be ideal, but I truly have nothing to complain about. So I won't. 

That isn't to say that you, if you have a job and a home and all your limbs, don't have anything to complain about. There's plenty out there and I understand the catharsis of complaining.  In the end, though, wouldn't you rather talk about something - ANYTHING - positive (or even solidly neutral) than another inevitable negative about snow?

We're all gonna warm up. It's going to happen. This snow will go away. I promise.

In the mean time, I'll be over here being cloyingly positive. Sorry not sorry.




Molly Kerrigan