She Started A New Blog

Hey there, hot stuff. Glad you could make it. What's new with you? Me? Just starting up a completely new blog after running a mildly successful one for almost five years but ultimately feeling just so, so bored about it but also feeling guilty about giving up but then feeling silly about feeling guilty about a blog and hoping to make a place where I can write about, you know, whatever, and have a bit more creative freedom and really practice this whole writing thing. And also I've discovered almond chai lattes. 

You, early What Molly Did (oh crap, the acronym is WMD woops) adopter, probably know me in real life. Or maybe you came over from Wicked Cheap in Boston, my previous internet home. Or maybe you were googling about the drug Molly and stumbled over here in which case, welcome! Don't do drugs!

What this blog will (hopefully) be: Non-fiction story telling with lots of parentheses and tangents and puns because I will not be tamed. 

What this blog will (hopefully) not be: Remember Livejournal? Yeah, me too, and I was on it longer than you were. We've all read those blogs who aren't quite out of the journal phase - a boring recap of what they did that weekend. Snoozefest. Also, I don't want it to be a highlight reel. That's what Facebook/Instagram/All social media ever is for. Much of it will be upbeat, I'm sure, because that's just the type of gal I am (or try to be). But, as they say, the struggle is real. What struggle? Mental health, food allergies, having too much in my Netflix cue. 

Why the change? Writing Wicked Cheap in Boston was a lot of fun but I never felt like I hit a good rhythm with it, even after years of trial and error. This sounds so icky but I can't think of a better way to say it: the person I was when I started WCiB is a lifetime away from the person I am now. Ew. Ick. Stop. I'm sorry. When I started WCiB I was in my early 20s, unemployed, and so, so broke. Now I'm staring down the barrel of 30, employed in a career that I LOVE, and much, much less broke. 

I'm not rakin' in the big bucks, but things are comfortable. With this comfortableness brings a few more splurges, excursions, fun activities that didn't belong on a blog with the word Cheap in the title. And not having a place to blab about fun stuff felt stifling. So here we are. I will always and forever love a deal. It's still an extremely rare occasion that I buy something that's not on sale. Free is still my favorite word. But it's not my be all and end all and blog all.

I hope you'll stick around. I hope you'll like this. I hope I'll make you laugh. Even a half hearted smirk will do. 


Molly Kerrigan