She Learned How Long A Month Is

I love a challenge. 

To be more clear, I love having short term challenges against myself just for the sake of bragging to anyone who will listen about how I once did that thing for that time and they can be like "oh, cool," and I can be like "yeah. YEAH."

I love these silly little self improvement challenges so much that I decided for 2015 I would have a new one every month. BRING. IT. 

Here's my technique:

1. Decide on something you want to start or change or give up that would put you on a path to a healthier, happier, more smug self. 

2. Set a goal and a time frame.

3. Tell everyone you know about your goal and time frame so that if you don't accomplish it you will be wracked with guilt, leading to a lifetime (or, like, a week) of shame and disappointment. This is healthy.


If you were a truly devout WCiB reader or just know me IRL (that means In Real Life, mum) you'll know I have some food...stuff. Namely, intolerances and an uncommon diet and an intolerance for the word diet. Long story short after a long bout of chronic Tummy Troubles (we're talking three years of constant nausea) I completely overhauled what I ate, cutting out gluten, dairy, and legumes completely. I use the term "Paleo" even though I hate it because it comes closest to what I do. Basically as much whole foods as possible, as little sugar as possible, and none of the aforementioned allergens unless I want to spend a few hours in the fetal position on the bathroom floor nursing a bottle of Pepto.

If you're wondering, yes, chips are a processed food. If you're also wondering, no, I don't care. They don't bother my stomach, they are delicious, and I love them. But it was getting to be a problem. So I decided to go a whole month without them. A month that started with college Bowl games. A month that continued with post season Patriots games. A month that had my nephews' birthday party smack in the middle. THERE WERE A LOT OF CHIP EATING OCCASIONS YOU GUYS.

I'm no stranger to food restrictions. I've done multiple Whole 30 months. But I'd be lying if I said I breezed through this one. There were cravings and there was crankiness. I tried not to substitute with other just-as-crappy snack foods and was sort of semi successful at that. But I made it through! 31 full days without a crispy, salty, satisfying fried potato snack.

And then I ate an entire bag by myself on Superbowl Sunday. Balance.

Whenever I can fight cravings into submission I feel like a warrior princess. Over the month, the want/NEED for chips subsided, which has carried on into February. Should I wax poetic about how going a month without a snack food is really about taking control over even the smallest bit of your life? How there's a story within those four weeks sans chip that would elevate and motivate? That anyone can change if you have the desire and are willing to take the first step?

Nah, I'm gonna go have some chips.