She Had A Whirlwind Month

Ever try to smush a couple month’s worth of fun and excitement into four weeks? That was my October. Two trips, a wedding, and a stomach bug to round it off (that part wasn’t fun nor exciting). I’m not usually the type of blogger who does “this is what I’ve been doing lately” posts but I’ve started and stopped a bunch of drafts and I think I need to do a bit of a brain dump to get a fresh slate. Throughout October I read a few books on writing and creativity (On Writing by Stephen King, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and Daring Greatly by Brene Brown) and the biggest takeaway was that if you want to get good at something you have to do it. A lot. Like, every day. Not spitting out a blog post every three weeks and ignoring it every other day, Molly. So here we go. A recap of October when we’re almost half way through November. Thumbs Up Emoji.

Part One: Aruba!

For our honeymoon last year Adam and I spent a week in Aruba and fell in love (with the place, not with each other, that was already taken care of.) It’s hard not to, really. The weather is literal perfection every day of the year. The people are friendly, the water is warm, and the cocktails are plentiful. In our post-wedding paradise-setting euphoric phase we bought a timeshare. Smart decision? Probably not. Great decision? Definitely. Things can be both. While we ignored (not so) little things like student loan debt when signing on the bottom line, we are for sure going to make the most of our purchase (which can be used in Aruba or at one of hundreds of other resorts around the world. #JetSettingMoldigans) 

90% of my pictures from Aruba are of the sunset because they are unreal every day.

90% of my pictures from Aruba are of the sunset because they are unreal every day.


Though our timeshare doesn’t technically start until next year, we received a complimentary week at the resort and what better time to use it than for our first anniversary. 

When you’re working in your dream career, it can feel awkward to admit that you need a vacation. Especially when you “only” work four days a week. From the outside it probably looks pretty cushy and for the most part it is. Make no mistake, though, massage is HARD. It’s hard on the body for sure, even if your mechanics are on point, and it can also be mentally taxing in ways I didn’t really anticipate. Needless to say I hadn’t had a real break in a while and HOO BOY I needed one come September. Aruba did not disappoint.

Last year, we had an activity planned every day because that’s how I vacation. There would be color coded itineraries involved if I didn’t worry about being harshly judged by my husband. The former corporate event planner in me will not die, but she will be quieted. We toured the island by horseback and by trike - both of which I would HIGHLY recommend. We got massages and dinner reservations. We did our share of lounging but it was a more active vacation. This year our plan was this: sit on the beach, swim, sit by the pool, swim, drink, eat, repeat. We were REALLY good at it. 

I’ll admit, I was worried going into it. Would it be TOO much relaxation? Would we get bored? Am I really worried about this? (No, No, Yes.) On many trips, I’m ready to be back home by the last day or two but this one definitely could’ve been extended. 

What makes coming back from a trip easier? Having another trip planned for three days later.

Part Two: Maine!

Adam’s family has a house in Downeast Maine that we’re lucky enough to go to every year. This place makes me want to travel back in time, find my great grandparents, give them a few bucks and tell them to find some idyllic land being sold on the cheap and build a house there. And then I’d stop Hitler, etc.


We usually head up to the house in the summer months but being there in October at peak foliage was an experience worth repeating. Incredible colors and crispness and everything you want from New England (lobster included). We never make much of a plan for our days up there and they tend to fill up with naps, eating, and some outdoor time (with at least one trip to Bar Harbor and Acadia). 


Part Three: Sister’s Wedding!

My sister got married at the BU Castle in a dress she made herself. Yours truly gave a speech I wrote the day before because sometimes I work better under pressure. My parents, siblings, and I put on a choreographed performance of the Hustle. And then my sister and her husband went to Italy for nine days while I seethed with envy (is that allowed when you’ve had two vacations that month?)

Part Four: Stomach Bug!

Just kidding. It was gross and I lost my appetite for over a week.

Now I’m gratefully settling back into regular life. I’m a creature of habit and schedules. As much as I love taking time to step away from regular life every once in a while I’m always more than happy to get back in the swing of things.  

Molly Kerrigan