She Got Inspiration From A Couch

When's the last time you thought about your couch and the place it holds in your life? It's the chariot of the Netflix marathon, third party in any good snuggle session, that place you park your butt when You Can't Even after a long day. But you probably haven't thought much about it since the last time you tried to move it and ended up reenacting the "PIVOT!" scene from Friends, with bruises and relational battle wounds to prove it. 

The guy posing with me is out to change that. 

Before this gets too "Blogger Shilling For a Product" territory let me back up.

Last week I got an email invitation to a Lovesac event. Yes, I chuckled at that name. Obviously. How can you not? Lovesac. Heh. Heh. Anyway, I almost glossed over it. I've never done much blogging about products and didn't really want to start. Who am I to tell you how to spend your cash? Other than "just give it to me"? But the email promised free drinks and a free blanket and I'm no fool. My sister had also invited me to a Sephora VIB Rouge event (she's the Rouge, I am but a mere VIB) on the same night and if I'm gonna get out of my yoga pants for one thing I might as well go to two. 

That's where I met the guy (and his team) who made me inspired by talking about couches. Twenty years ago Shawn Nelson was just a dude fresh out of high school who made a huge bean bag chair packed with beans, foam, and anything else he could find. Legend of the original Sac got around until eventually people started asking for Shawn to make them for sale. Lovesac as a company grew slowly, racking up credit card debt, methods of foam shredding, and fans. With the "I should just get a real job" thought looming, a couple big orders came in, followed by a win on Richard Branson's reality show The Rebel Billionaire, and Lovesac got off the ground. (This is a greatly condensed version, the full history is up on their website and it's a good read.)

Then came The Sactional. 

Get this: It's modular. It's durable. It's guaranteed. It's machine washable. It's customizable. It's a couch. Say whaaaat? I know. You kind of have to see it to get it (so take a look on the website or in one of their store locations!) but the concept is this - you buy it by the section ("seats" and "sides") and arrange it how you want. Loveseat? You got it. Lounger? Yep. MOON PIT? HECK YES. You're thinking, "yes, Molly, I've put together a Swedish couch with the tiny allen wrench. It was less than ideal. Neeeeext." To which I say, "you know nothing, Jon Snow.*"

To demonstrate just how dang simple this is, the Lovesac team dismantled, moved, and reconfigured a full couch in less than five minutes. Did I mention they moved it down a spiral staircase? I just did. 

Nobody even cried.

Nobody even cried.

You guys, I'm pretty sure wars have been started over moving day. Sactionals are the key to world peace. (Hey, Lovesac, you can use that. Just pay me with a G Lounger.) How great would it be to move into a smaller/bigger/oddly shaped new apartment and have your couch change right along with the space? Is your mind blown yet? 

So yes, I got inspired by the Sactionals but it wasn't just because I want a room made entirely of couch (and also one of trampoline but that's besides the point.) Shawn's enthusiasm about his company and his product created a palpable energy in a room of people who showed up to an event because Lovesac is a funny name (and a free blanket.) By the end of the night we were all dreaming of the configuration and fabric choices we would make and all the episodes of Law & Order, bottles of wine with friends, silly conversations with significant others, and well earned naps that could be experienced on it. He turned us into dreamers. How cool is that? 

(I'm snuggling with the aforementioned blanket and It. Is. Amazing.)

(I'm snuggling with the aforementioned blanket and It. Is. Amazing.)

This was the type of event I didn't know I needed to get my grey matter buzzing again with ideas for what shape this blog might take. So, you know. Stay tuned.

One last thing! Are you "celebrating" Allston Christmas with a move September 1?? Tweet or Instagram using the hashtag #MovingDayLove and tag @lovesace, and you might get a special surprise from the Lovesac folks (hint: it rhymes with fractional.)

Thanks to Lovesac and Mullen for the great event! Also, I must say I've been to a few events at The Liberty Hotel and I must say they have all been super cool. (Wait, what are the kids saying these days? On Fleek? One Hundred? If you're an event planner looking for a unique space, check it out.

*That's a Game of Thrones reference, Mum.

Molly Kerrigan