She Didn't Buy A Coloring Book

Month two of my Year of Challenges complete! January = No Chips = Successful. February = Shopping Ban = Eeeeh less than successful.

I decided on this challenge for February because I got a little willy nilly with the old debit card in January and wanted to reign it in. I'm not a big shopper to begin with. I shop for clothes as rarely as possible but a trip to Target here, a click on Amazon there, and things add up. 

I laid out the rules as follows:

  • I could spend money ONLY on food
  • This included dining out because I already had a couple outings scheduled
  • I could not ask Adam to pick something up for me that was not food. Because we share a bank account and that would be cheating.

I then kept track of all those "Oh! I should buy ____!" ideas and the thought process that surrounded them. 

What I wanted to buy but didn’t:

A coloring book - I know. But Ana has a really cool one and instagrammed it and then said she bought it at a store I pass by every day and THE TEMPTATION. I justified it with the fact that I would use it while watching TV which would prevent me from mindlessly snacking. Sure, I could just doodle, but the heart wants what it wants. Then just today I saw this article about how coloring can be used as a relaxation technique. So what I'm saying is, I'm going to buy one this week. It's not February anymore, after all.

Manicure - My nails are ROUGH right now. The winter dryness is doing a number on them.  Yes, I have all the accoutrements to do this at home. Yes, I have plenty of time to do it myself. Yes, I have a tin of cuticle cream on my bedside table that I've used maybe twice in the past month. Yes, I have to keep my nails as short as possible because I'm a massage therapist so I'm constantly filing them anyway. BUT STILL.

Pedicure - See: Manicure. 

Washcloths - I've never run out of washcloths before laundry time, yet I had the thought that I needed more. Who knows.

A vegetable brush - I make a lot of potatoes and who knows how much dirt I'm eating thanks to the fact that I don't have one of these. I'M EATING DIRT YOU GUYS. 

What I wanted to buy and did:

2 brunches, 1 evening out with friends - I feel like we should all get medals for getting out of the house this month. I even stayed out past my bedtime! (That's not saying much. I'm in bed by 10 every day. Molly likey the sleepy.)

Sinus medication and saline solution - I got walloped by some sort of sinus...thing this month. At one point I was quite certain my right eyeball was going to pop out from all the pressure. After getting email confirmation from my Nurse Friend (everyone should have one) that I didn't have cancer, I got checked out at a CVS Minute Clinic (which are great for those times when you don't feel sick enough to go to the doctor but still want someone to give you validation) to make sure I didn't have any sort of sinus or ear infection. I left with some Sudafed and saline solution to squirt up my shnoz.

Peppermint oil...and lavender oil - During my Sinus Pain Bonanza, I turned to some natural healing remedies as well. We have essential oils at work, so I rubbed a little peppermint oil on my temples and behind my ears when the pain was at it worst, and it truly helped. Of course I had to get a bottle of my own for home. And the "Chill Pill" blend (lavender and chamomile) was just, like, RIGHT there. So. 

Listerine, laundry detergent, hair dye - Necessities that I picked up during my CVS Minute Clinic trip. I'll give the few of you who hadn't yet realized a moment to process the fact that I'm not a natural red head.  I just shattered your belief system. I'm sorry.

Lavanila Deodorant - My friend Jenny came over to do a Reiki/Massage swap. I should mention that my sinus junk was still lingering UNTIL Jenny gave me a Reiki treatment. My head has felt completely clear and pain free since then. Bam. Anyhoozles, as she was leaving I asked what perfume she was wearing because I had been enjoying it the whole time. Come to find out, it was her deodorant from Lavanila! Recently, the deodorant I had been using for years just...stopped working. It wasn't pretty. This stuff is a bit more costly than the usual but it's natural, doesn't have aluminum, and smells like a dream. I got the Pure Vanilla scent but I want to try all of them. Now you know everything about my armpits.

Massage - I trade massages with two other fellow therapists but weeks can go by without our schedules matching up and I get desperate. Massages are always worth it. Always.

So you can see which list is longer. Overall, I spent less than I did in January but I wanted to spend $0 so it still felt like kind of a failure. What I did learn from this is that keeping a list of all the random "BUY!" ideas is helpful. I'll continue to do that, separating the items into things I actually do need, stuff I'd like to get at some point but it's not urgent, and washcloths.